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Extrity Services is Based In Chicago, IL. We’re not going to bore you with pretentious Corporate jargon-we’re just a team of Hospitality Professionals that share a passion for Safety and Security. These elements are key to Balance, Stability and Reliability in your business. We protect the continuity of your business by letting you operate free of outside influence. -Proud members of the Illinois Restaurant Association and City Club Chicago.

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Our staff is comprised of former military personnel, hospitality specialists and off duty police officers.  Additionally, all Security Professionals are B.A.S.S.E.T certified and excited to adapt to your needs.
We are committed to providing the best protection for your staff, guest and family.

In my two years at South Branch Tavern & Grille, Extrity has gone above and beyond all my expectations with their professionalism, service and hospitality. We are very fortunate to have them and have the utmost confidence in their ability to continue delivering on those expectations.

Tim – Manager, South Branch

Extrity has been a lifesaver for us. As operators of seven unique and distinct properties it would be a challenge for us to keep up with our ever changing security needs. Not only has Extrity been a great partner in managing those needs, but they have also been instrumental in offering solutions to our potential security risks. I know I speak for many in my company in saying that I sleep well at night knowing that the X-men stand post at my venues.

Jason Akemann – Owner, Bottleneck Management

Extrity Security has been an integral part of The Boundary Tavern & Grille safety plan. The staff that have been assigned to The Boundary are always professional, respectful, friendly and personable. We value the partnership with have with Extrity and look forward to many more years to come.

Emily Woods – General Manager, The Boundary

From the minute these guys set foot on my property I knew I was in the right hands. They impressed me immediately with their professionalism and knowledge of the trade and have proved invaluable over the opening weeks of our new business. David shows up regularly just to check in on everything and even had custom outfits made for the staff at our location to match our design concept. That's above and beyond.

Jenn A Kincaid
 – Owner
, Uptown Underground

Working with the David, Tito and Lawrence of Extrity, LLC has been a great learning experience for me. These guys are so knowledgeable about their service and the needs of their customers, I take great pride in referring and recommending them to our readers. If you are in need of crowd control but want it done without insulting customers or damaging your image, you can trust this company to listen, provide solutions and deliver expertise.

Cary Miller – Vice President, Food Industry News

Extrity Services has been such a delight to work with. Their staff is positive and level-headed. Extrity has been extremely dependable and we have felt very comfortable knowing that they are a integral part of our team.

Angela Zoiss – Director of Marketing, Bottleneck Management
Old Town Pour House
South Branch Tavern Grille
Sweetwater Tavern and Grille
Howells & Hood
Photo [from left to right] Tito, Lawrence and David – Partners, Extrity Services
“We have built some great relationships in Chicago. Our team is expanding quickly, and we are always looking for new partnerships.”

David Coleman  Partner, Extrity Security Services

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