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December 2017

Supervision principles in Private Security

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Effective leadership will always be surrounded by effective guidelines and principles that will guide the action of our subordinates. Close attention must be paid to the way we handle situations as well as how we configure our principles to the people who work with us. The Security Professional must believe that they can confide in the supervisor and trust that the supervisor will back them up in their decisions. This is especially true in security because of the fluid nature of every day interactions. This brings me to my next point which is the integrity or honesty of a supervisor. Which will bleed over into the trust factor with the Security Professionals that are being managed. It is paramount to the chemistry of a good Security unit, that the leadership is well balanced in his relationships. If the employees witness the supervisor being dishonest with reporting materials or funds, they may feel as though it is okay for them. Also, Security Professionals can tend to get hung up on the story instead of the solution that must be applied to the narrative given. A good supervisor will keep his team focused on the right factors. Self-Respect is the last principal. Supervisors must have a level of self-confidence because of the position that they are put in. Supervisors control the culture of their sector and the level of work and attention to detail that they give on a day to day basis is often what they will receive back in return. It doesn’t look good to an Security Professional if the supervisor has no self-esteem but wishes to set goals. Supervisor make the machine run and must carry themselves to a higher standard than those they manage.